The Eleven Dollar Bill Trick

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The first time Tim saw this, he was genuinely fooled. He could NOT figure out where those dollar bills were going. This trick was on his "list to learn" for over 10 years.

However, this routine has normally been done with one person on stage. Even when there were two people on stage, it was normally a husband and wife.

Tim wanted to create an engaging routine for FAMILY audiences, using a mom and child. 

After writing a basic routine with his pal Scott Humston, Tim put it in his family night show. Night after night he worked on this routine as it evolved over the next year. When David Kaye came to his show, they talked at length about it and tweaked it even more. Over the next year, it became what it is now.

This is currently one of Tim's favorite routines to PERFORM, and it's a fooler both kids and adults.

This routine has it all... 

**packs small

**plays huge

**strong magic

**practically no set up

**hilarious and charming

This is a great routine to know for those times when your bags don't arrive, or you have to do a show "on the fly."

What will you get?

**all of Tim's research and links relating to this trick

**a 27 minute video that includes: 

Two live performances of the routine in front of large family audiences of hundreds of people

Tim's instructions and handling

Live performance with commentary

This is a polished routine from a working pro.

**50 jumbo nine dollar bills -- this is the ending that Mike Caveney recommends, and Tim had these bills made up. At the end of the routine, he gives out a $9 bill to the kid helper. It's a great ending to a very funny routine!

NOTE: Tim still recommends that you purchase the Fred Kaps manuscript on his trick. It's available online for only $15. Although Tim teaches his handling on video, it's nice to have the original manuscript which goes into extreme depth. Mostly what you are buying here is permission to use Tim's premise, scripting and routine... and that's the part that makes this entertaining for family audiences.

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The Eleven Dollar Bill Trick

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